Why Cramaro?

Cramaro Tarpaulin Systems - tarpaulin systems for industrial and agricultural vehicles and storage tanks
Because of its engineering, because we listen to our customers’ requirements, because it can be made to measure and because we aim to protect the load.

Founded in 1995, Cramaro Tarpaulin Systems is a specialist in PVC tarpaulin systems to protect materials for industrial vehicles, agricultural vehicles, and storage tanks.


Cramaro has developed and patented the first tarpaulin system to have a support and handling structure. Over the years, it has expanded to the extent that today it is common knowledge that Cramaro has become synonymous with "tarpaulin systems for trucks".


Today we design, implement and distribute tarpaulins for trucks, agricultural containers and storage tanks in many countries around the world.


Handling Cramaro PVC tarps can be manual, with an operator on the ground, or automated by means of a remote control, thus saving the time it takes to cover the load, as well as the absolute reduction in risks to the operator.


With its main subsidiaries (CRAMARO FRANCE, CRAMARO ESPAÑA, CRAMARO GERMANY) and an extensive sales network in Italy, Europe, Africa, Asia, Latin America, Cramaro can cover any truck, agricultural container or storage tank and also assist in maintenance operations by delivering spare parts anywhere in a few days.


We are well aware of the needs of road transport operators: we have been working closely with leading European manufacturers of trailers and semi-trailers for over 20 years.


Research and technical development of our tarpaulin systems are the key to our work, and to our passion.



We develop a specialist product and a wide range of accessories designed to meet our customers’ requirements. Our after-sales support team are happy to assist our customers promptly.