Dumper truck tarpaulin systems

Cramaro dumper truck tarpaulin systems  are ideal for protecting and at the same time covering your cargo, in accordance with the European Highway Code.

They are designed in different configurations (manual, electric, hydraulic) and with a choice of fabrics (PVC, ADR, PVC net and silicone) based on different transportation needs, and body shape.  Whatever vehicle you want to cover, Cramaro has the right solution for you. Contact our Sales Office for more information and a personalized quote!


    CABRIOLE the patented tarpauilin system.

    CABRIOLE' CRAMARO is a revolutionary sliding tarpaulin system for industrial trucks.

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    GALOPPINO is the last generation of the tarp systems as well as the latest upgrade to Cabriolè, which has well-established over the years as load protective system for all kinds of trailers and semi-trailers.

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    Covering characteristics: Practical: It does not require the coupling and uncoupling of ropes and hooks, as each side bow is always anchored its rail lane with 2 immovable hooks attached to the ends of the bow itself .

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    Rail-Tarp: the cover for the transport of loads higher than the body.

    The RAIL-TARP cover system  consists of side rails and bows  of rectangular profile. Given its structure, it is particularly suitable for carrying loads a reasonable height over the upper edge of the body sides.

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  • TELL - ONE

    TELL-ONE safety and confort.

    TELL ONE enables just one operator to cover and uncover the load without going on the body: no time-wasting, tiredness and injures.

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    ROLL-WING for fixed bodies and for two-sides tipping trailers.

    ROLL WING is a tarpaulin system developed for covering and uncovering with rapidity and efficiency all vehicles equipped either with fixed bodies or with two-sides tipping trailer and with side boards high 600 - 1000 mm and with length between 7 and 13.65 mt

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    TENDY-LIGHT safety and comfort.

    TENDY-LIGHT coverage allows a single operator to cover and uncover the load without having to climb on the truck, in complete safety and comfort, saving time and avoiding fatigue and injury.

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    FLIP TARP the versatile tarpaulin system.

    The “FLIP-TARP" tarpaulin system is adaptable to many different bodies and it especially represents the best solution for covering bodies where the exiguity of the space forces the tarpaulin system to occupy a part of the loading space of the body.

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    Intermedio is an innovative tarpaulin system for dumper vehicles.

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