Tarpaulin systems for storage tanks

The ECO-LOGIC cover is the product of a study to meet the double requirement of covering and readily accessible loading and unloading of material in storage tanks. Norms regulating waste storage activity require the need for a cover that protects the mass of stored material from water and prevents losses to soil and air of powdery materials. ECO-LOGIC ensures the safety of operators who can do the covering and uncovering without having to climb on the storage tanks, meeting the safety regulations in the workplace. The use of ECO-LOGIC allows you to do the covering and uncovering with a significant time savings due to the motion of dragging a rear unit consisting of a coaxial electric motor and a suitably sized shaft to which two pulleys (tow) are rigidly attached, and two other pulleys (set wheels) set behind.

  • GEO-TARP11


    The ECO-LOGIC system is designed to meet the double requirement of covering and ensuring a totally accessible load-unload area for materials, vehicles and/or operators.

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