• 04.12.2013
    Cramaro France wins the Silver medal at the 'Prix de l'Innovation' at Solutrans 2013

    Cramaro France between the 7 winners¬†of the Awards for Innovation in Transport Solutions 2013 ¬†announced on November 19th at the Lyon Chamber of Commerce and Industry.…read ›


  • 07.03.2014
    IAA 2014 - 25.09-02.10.2014, Hanover, Germany

    Cramaro TS confirms its presence at IAA 2014, the world’s largest automotive fair !…read ›

  • 10.03.2014
    EIMA 2014, 12-16 November 2014, Bologna, Italy

    Cramaro takes parts to the upcoming   EIMA 2014 in Bologna, International Exhibition for Agricultural Machinery…read ›


CRAMARO TARPAULIN SYSTEMS SRL, founded in 1995, took its its first steps in in Arcola, Verona, manufacturing and marketing the product destined to become a milestone in tarpaulin systems for commercial vehicles: Cabriolè

The introduction of the Cabriolè, a patented system that many have tried to imitate, has dramatically changed work methods for truck drivers, reducing time and risks related to loading and unloading.

The patented CRAMARO tarpaulin systems  are operated from the ground, the electric versions even remotely. Covering and uncovering became faster and safer since the operator no longer has to climb up to the load level.

Coverage of the load improves the aerodynamics and results in a considerable saving of fuel, about 2 liters per 100 km, contributing to the economy of operation of the vehicle and favouring the environment.

More security, increased productivity, savings and the environment. The ideal solution for road transport!