Solar Panels

How much does the GSE pay me per year for a 3kW system? 
The remuneration is different from North to South, because the same 3kW plant in Milan produces in a year about 3.500 kWh, while in Palermo, where there is more sun, it can produce over 4,500 kWh in a year.
Therefore, referring to an architecturally partially integrated system, the Milan plant owner will receive from GSE 3,500 x 0.423 = € 1,480.50 per year, while the Palermo owner will receive 4,500 x 0.423 = € 1903.5 a year.

And the electric bill? In the example above, if my annual consumption is 3,500 kW-hours and my plant produces 3,500 kW-hours a year, the bill is zero. This mechanism is called "net metering" and is made with the GSE with a count on an annual basis of kW hours consumed and KW hours produced. Since 2009, the GSE reimburses the cost of electricity paid to your provider. If there is a positive balance (i.e., we have produced more than what we have used) the GSE does not pay us, but puts in credit for the following year the extra energy produced. 

So if I install a photovoltaic system on the roof of my home that produces 3,500 kW hours per year, I can also save about   € 600 per year in electricity bills.
The Energy Bill incentive and the savings on electricity bills add up, and within a year in Milan I earn € 1,480.50 plus a € 600 saving, and so from a plant of 3500 kwh / year, a revenue of 2080.50 € a year. In Palermo, my income is 1903.50 + 600 = € 2,503.50 per year.

Let us see what happens in 20 years.
In 20 years, the earnings from the Energy Bill + savings on the bill are:  
(€ 1480.50 € + 600) x 20 years = € 41,610 in Milan
(€ 1903.50 € + 600) x 20 years = € 50,070 in Palermo.

This simple reasoning does not take account of likely increases in electricity bills, if only we assume an average increase in bills of 5% per year, the figures above become more than € 50,000 in Milan and Palermo to over 60,000 €. How much does the system producing 3500 kW-hours a year cost?
In Northern Italy to obtain this productivity I need a system of 3 kW of power, and the cost is about € 17,500 including VAT and installation. That's like saying that with the Energy Bill I have more than doubled the investment with no financial risk.
Our friends in the South are even more fortunate because they have more sun, and for them a 2.34 kW plant will be enough to produce the same energy, costing about € 13,500 including VAT and installation: for them their capital will increase by over 200%.

55% income tax deductibility for income tax deduction for 5 years. The 55% IRPEF decuctibility is not compatible with the new Conto Energia. See in this regard Article 9 par. 4 of the Decree published in the Official Gazette, available for download at the top of this page.