Coverleader is an established reality in the production of:

  • Tarpaulin systems for commercial vehicles and side tipper curtainsider
  • Retractable and fixed PVC industrial sheds
  • Coverings for storage tanks
  • Systems for environmental protection
  • Rapid opening and closing door systems
  • Protective systems for vehicles in open-air parking lots
  • Structures for the installation of photovoltaic systems
  • Complete photovoltaic systems, ready to go

COVERLEADER, thanks to the excellent level of quality of its Transport department, is a leading company in Europe.
Its tarpaulin systems are characterized by great reliability, practicality and cost-effectiveness. All these characteristics have contributed to COVERLEADER brand popularity even beyond the European territory.

The company offers a wide range of environmentally friendly products to meet all the necessities of containment and covering of materials, even the potentially hazardous ones.
Some examples are the expandable and retractable PVC industrial sheds, which are free from building permits, the advanced structures for landfills, the protective, insulating and storage structures for hazardous materials or materials with special characteristics of volatility and hygroscopicity, rapid opening and closing doors systems, anti-hail protections for parking areas.


COVERLEADER CABRIOLÈ tarpaulin system can be operated from the ground.
Electric versions, which can be operated by remote control, are available too. The covering and uncovering operations become faster and safer for the operators, who don’t need to climb up to the laod level anymore.

The coverage of the load improves the aerodynamics of the vehicle in motion, contributing also to a considerable saving in terms of fuel (about 2 liters per 100 km). This feature improves the economy of operation of the industrial vehicle and guarantees the reduction of CO2 emissions.

Besides the tarpaulin systems for industrial vehicles, COVERLEADER offers innovative solutions for PVC industrial sheds and material storage tanks.

More safety, improved productivity and environmental awareness. The ideal solution for road transport!




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