TARP-ALL is the tarpaulin system for heavy duty trucks.

CRAMARO presents a completely innovative extensible tarpaulin system.  Built to meet the need to cover and make readily accessible for loading and unloading all flat-bed vehicles designed to carry heavy loads of different materials (coils, beams, poles, logs).
MAXIMUM VERSATILITY. The structure consists of a series of U-shaped forms that run along two steel rail guides (IN LAMINATED STEEL) attached to side rails along the floor of the vehicle. The sliding forms of the tarpaulin systems  are made of tubular steel with a rectangular section to which the steel wheels are set that support and guide the forms themselves.
MOTORIZED OR MANUAL. Movement of the TARP-ALL cover  is expected to be done manually; as a variant an electro-hydraulic motor may be installed. Equipped with TARP-ALL a semi-trailer can carry a container of 20 or 30 feet.

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