Rail-Tarp: the cover for the transport of loads higher than the body.

The RAIL-TARP cover system  consists of side rails and bows  of rectangular profile. Given its structure, it is particularly suitable for carrying loads a reasonable height over the upper edge of the body sides.

has the following important qualities:

• Secure: no need to go up and down continuously from the body, all operations are carried out easily from the ground;
• Fast: less than a minute to cover or uncover the load.
• Simple: it has a rectangular profile bows  that support the fabric and run along rails fixed to side walls of the body.
• Functional: both manual and electric operation.
• Cost-effective: The minimized structure occupies little space and the sheet is simplified with mounting straps.
• Adaptable: the cover is suitable for over-the-body load heights while maintaining intact the characteristics of the load. Coverage is available in different colors.


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