Intermedio is an innovative tarpaulin system for dumper vehicles.

MANUAL OR ELECTRIC.  The system can be operated both manually and electrically and allows with a single action, working from the ground, for a very fast covering and uncovering of the load bay on which it is mounted.

Takes up very little space. The mechanics occupy only 80 mm between the shield and the cab

Fully compatible and interchangeable with the whole Cabriolè series.

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The tarpaulin system is furnished with an assemblage kit. It is available in three basic forms:
TYPE A: normal sealing. Ideal for covering bodies that transport aggregate materials like stones, earth….
TYPE B: hermetic sealing. Ideal for bodies that contains and carry thin materials like sand, dust, lime….
TYPE C: semi- hermetic sealing. Recommended for bodies that contain and carry materials which don’t need a waterproof type, but just a protection against the weather.
• Tarpaulin group and support bows.
• Propulsion and tension group.
• Fixing solutions and tarpaulin safety systems

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