Covering characteristics: Practical: It does not require the coupling and uncoupling of ropes and hooks, as each side bow is always anchored its rail lane with 2 immovable hooks attached to the ends of the bow itself .

Best Protection: The motor is fully enclosed within the cover (sheltered).

Full coverage: The rear has a double bow cantilever protruding over the edge of the door of the box by about 30 cm. This feature allows you not to have to manually intervene to close the back sheet.

AUTOMATIC REAR DOOR. AUTOMATIC REAR DOOR is an automatic and secure tipping is an alternative system for the rapid closing of CABRIOLE' and INTEGRO when you want automatic covering of the body without further operator intervention.

Technology: It is automatically activated by the combined movement of the last bows of the cover and a chain that ensures its long-term functioning.

Quality: Its structure ensures low maintenance. AUTOMATIC REAR DOOR is proposed in the maximum length of 450 mm.

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