CABRIOLE' patented tarpaulin system.

The Cramaro Cabriole' is a "patented" sliding cover system for commercial vehicles.
MANUAL OR ELECTRIC. The system provides both manual and electric handling and allows, working from the ground, for a single action very fast covering and uncovering of the load bay on which it is mounted.

VERSATILE. Guarantees the protection of the transported material and safety of vehicles behind. With easy assembly it is adaptable to any kind of dumper body on the market today. Home Products CABRIOLE'   is a patented tarpaulin system. The Cramaro Cabriole' is a "patented" sliding tarpaulin systems for commercial vehicles.MANUAL OR ELECTRIC.


3 VERSIONS. The cover sheet is also supplied in kit form. Available in 3 different versions: The first two are termed "semi-hermetic" and are designed to carry the most common materials such as aggregates and so on. The third version defined "hermetic" is instead designed for the transportation of special materials, protected from the elements or pollutants, that must not disperse to the outside. Simplicity and strength allow a very heavy use, the sheet is also available in larger thicknesses. The standard system is commonly composed of:
- Sheet group and its supporting bows .
- Movement Group (in various configurations).
- Anchor and cover safety group.

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 (Optional) Rear closure with springs

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